Make new friends, learn about organic farming, create your own healthy meal, and invite your friends and family. Join us for Farm Camp!

Come play with our

organic sheep and heirloom baby




At 123 Farm, we embrace forward thinking and new ideas that promote sustainability, environmental health, and consequently, human health. All produce grown on the property is certified organic and comes from heirloom, non-GMO seed. Education is our greatest strength.

Did you know our summer farm camp was featured on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution website? We were recognized for our farm-to-table cooking class program.


On the farm our animals are treated with the care they would receive if they were our own personal pets. Each is given enough space to stretch their wings and enjoy free range eating on an all organic and soy-free diet. The cycle of life plays out entirely on the property with birth, then reproduction, and a peaceful and relaxed life prior to an eventual death. At times, the kids have been lucky enough to see all of this within one week! Our animals are used to children and don't mind being touched, hand fed, and picked up. This open interaction is an unforgettable experience for the kids and connects them to nature in ways nothing else can.


Overnight campers participate in the same morning and afternoon activities as our day camp kids. We perform our morning chores together, making sure the animals are fed and have fresh clean water. After morning chores, exploration begins. Each day brings new lessons and discoveries about what nature has to offer us and what it means to care for and preserve those gifts. After lunch and swimming, the day campers go home and evening adventures begin! This part of the day is more about team building and physical challenges.

Campers who participate in the overnight portion get to experience adventure camp activities such as archery, alpine tower, world dance and a campfire.

"My son had a great experience at Farm Camp!  He was excited to come home and show me what he made and learned.  The photo book was a priceless memento to share with his friends and family."

- Patricia H.

  Farm Camp  mom

Campers get the chance to canoe in our  reservoir, learn to shoot a bow and arrow, climb the 45 foot high Alpine Tower and more. Campers who are part of our overnight program have the most fun by far. Often lifetime friends are made through the bonding that occurs when faced with physical challenges together, the unifying laughs over silly bedtime stories, and singing and dancing around a campfire. Overnight kids also have further educational enrichment. Night hikes are intertwined with astronomy lessons and discussions about animals of the night.

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Digital photos don't last forever unless they get printed... and we know how that goes! To make sure the campers can cherish their memories for years to come, we create a custom photo magazine for each week of Farm Camp. The magazine is filled with over 100 pages of camper photos, recipes and information on organic farming. These magazines usually arrive 3-4 weeks after camp and are mailed to each camper's home. The custom magazine and shipping are all included in the total cost of camp.



This is the climax of the week, when kids learn how fun it is to cook vegetables they have picked with their own hands and experience healthy food that actually tastes good! The recipes used are based on the seasonal crops that are ready and available at the farm. The cooking class is accompanied by a discussion on the topic of processed foods, and an encouragement to converse with their families about making healthy and sustainable choices for their own lives. Parents and Guardians are invited to join their children in our historic olive grove, enjoying our beautiful southern California sunshine and the feast the kids and kitchen staff have prepared together.