Farm Camp was created in the summer of 2011 to inspire a new generation of children to become stewards of healthy communities by learning to understand the natural world around them. Farm Camp focuses on activities with plenty of food, fun and health awareness. Farm camp participants are encouraged to ask questions about the who, what, where, how and why of agriculture. They will explore connections they may not have known about in nature, such as the importance of pollinators, the use of pesticides, and how what we eat affects the health of our bodies. The last two days of farm camp are spent harvesting produce from the field and then finally cooking and eating what they harvested in a fully hands on cooking class. The youth that attend will build lasting memories and bonds that may aid them in maintaining a healthy awareness of the world around them as well as establish habits that will help ensure they lead healthy, productive lives.


The name 123 Farm is a representation of California's three growing seasons. We are fortunate enough to receive warmth and sunshine over 300 days a year. This translates to more growing days than anywhere else and a prime learning opportunity for kids. On the farm we strive to embrace individuality, growing mostly heirloom varieties and maintaining strict organic standards. Education is our greatest strength; we share what we know with anybody interested as often as possible. Often this results in growth and new ideas for each individual involved.

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