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As we continue to make progress and turn more of our efforts towards our farm, we're sad to say goodbye to our Farm Camp school programs! We are proud to have been able to provide a hands-on farm experience for all of our camp kids and are sincerely grateful to our past campers and their families for their support along the years. We will continue to offer various farm-based activities during our annual festivals and events for our future farmers and growers and look forward to seeing you all there!

About 123 Farm

Our Ideals

The name 123 Farm was decided upon as a representation of our mild, southern California climate. Here, because the winters are so mild, it really seems as if we have only three seasons: spring, summer, and an extra-long fall. If we choose the right crops, we can grow edibles year-round. 123 Farm is certified organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farms) and adheres not only to their regulations of not using

any chemical or synthetic pesticides or

fertilizers, but also to our own high standards. We utilize only our own fertilizer and compost, made here on property so we are 100% sure of its unadulterated purity. Our crops are watered using the farm's 80 year old reservoir, filled by Smith Creek that runs through our property. In addition to a clean water source, soil tests are run regularly to ensure soil health and track any previous contamination that has been detected.


When a person is interviewing for a job at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn, more than just employment history is considered. We look for a heart desiring more for themselves, a yearning to live clean, help others, and protect what natural beauty we have remaining around us. Each employee at the ranch brings something special to the “family”. We strive to educate ourselves with honest research, attending conferences, talking to others in similar fields, and hands-on experimenting with new ideas.


We would like to live with nature as if we weren’t here, considering that for thousands of years, this space was left entirely to its own devices. If one creature seems to be over populating, we use natural methods of control, such as adding owl boxes to our trees so owls can catch mice at night time or the predator perch that stands in our garden for hawks to keep watch on the gopher and squirrel population. We have Big Boy, a Great Pyrenees, guarding our chickens from bobcats, mountain lions, and coyotes, and a 7 foot tall electric fence surrounding our pasture to protect our sheep, cows and llama.

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