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made using 123 dough's sourdough recipe

Organic Sourdough Bread

Based on 123 Dough's recipe (bakery located in Pound Ridge, NY) Our sourdough bread is made with only three ingredients: organic wheat, water, and salt.

There is no need for yeast, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. Our natural sourdough starter (made from organic flour & water) is all that is needed to create the beautiful rise in our bread.

Using artisan bread making techniques and allowing plenty of time for our dough to naturally ferment, we bake breads that are not only delicious but healthy.

We hope you enjoy the deep, complex aroma and sophisticated taste of our bread.

Currently our sourdough bread is only available for purchase during our festivals or events. The bread is not available on a daily basis.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase your sourdough bread?

Our sourdough bread is only available for purchase during our festivals held throughout the year. The bread is available on first-come basis and typically sells out daily. Our bread is currently not available outside of festival hours or mail order.

Is your bread gluten free?

Although the long natural fermentation process breaks down the gluten in the bread, sourdough bread still contains gluten.

What grains do you use?

At times we offer different types of bread. The grains are all sourced from trusted farms. The grains are milled fresh in-house.

Can you teach me how to bake bread?

We recommend visiting our annual Sourdough Bread Festival to learn about the health benefits of authentic sourdough bread. On select days there are workshops on bread baking. You can usually buy starter from us if you are interested in baking at home.


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