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There was a time when genetically modified foods, cancer-causing pesticides, and animals artificially bolstered with steroids were unheard of. If you were a Southern California farmer in 1860s, you were up at the crack of dawn each morning and often taking what you harvested that same day to the nearest town market. You were limited by the terrain and often unforgiving climate, yet somehow the land was bountiful with peaches, apples, alfalfa, and olives. Dairy cows and chicken coups were an essential part of every homestead. No one needed to ask about free range or grass-fed.

We at 123 Farm start from the guiding principle that the health of the consumer is our #1 priority. If the seeds are not certified organic, we won't plant them. If our fruit tree requires a toxic pesticide to save them from blight, we'd rather take the loss than compromise our standards. While some farms focus on meeting the minimum government standards for being organic, our goal is to eliminate anything potentially harmful from the food you eat. From our farm, to your table, see for yourself where your food is coming from.


Lavender Festival

Every June, we welcome visitors to explore

our property and lavender fields.

Every June, Highland Springs Resort celebrates the beginning of lavender harvest season by hosting the annual Lavender Festival (typically on the second and third weekend in June). Offering family-friendly events and activities, visitors are invited to stroll through the winding paths of organic lavender fields and participate in guided tours in horse-drawn hay wagons. Attend a distillation demonstration to see how lavender is grown, harvested and processed.


The organic herbs grown at Highland Springs Resort are featured prominently throughout the festival. The organic marketplace showcases specialty items including lavender honey, lavender balsamic vinegar and essential oils. Refreshing lavender-inspired favorites such as lavender lemonade, lavender ice cream and lavender lattes are also available for purchase.

Guests are encouraged to pull up a chair at the shaded dining area by the concert stage to relax, dine and enjoy live performances. Fresh salads, sandwiches and a variety of items from the grill are available after exploring the grounds of the historic festival grounds. An area dedicated to kids’ activities offers crafts, a petting zoo, horseshoe tossing and croquet.

Farm Camp

With a hands-on approach to learning about animals and farming, the annual Farm Camp at 123 Farm at Highland Springs Resort invites kids ages seven to thirteen to become part of life on the farm and learn about where their food comes from. Campers will collect fresh organic chicken eggs, pick vegetables from our organic vegetable fields and feed animals such as chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep. The camp includes two cooking classes and the final day ends with a farm-to-table lunch for parents under our historic olive grove (with food prepared by the kids). Overnight and Day camp options available.

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Farm Camp


Would you like to bring your class on a trip to 123 Farm? Highland Springs Resort and 123 Farm offer field trips for pre-K to 12th grade students. Once at the farm, students will have a chance to see and take part in a real working farm. Our instructors are employees that run the farm on a day to day basis and have a passion for educating the next generation about how commercial versus organic farming can affect the environment, eating healthy and  humane care of animals.


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Farm Camp School Website.

123 Farm products are certified USDA organic by California Certified Organic Farmers(CCOF), adhering to strict state and federal standards.


Many of our products are made from the lavender we grow, distill and bottle on our property. Lavender is a natural sleep enhancer and our 'Sleep' products are very popular.


We are also involved in bee guardianship with products continually coming from our own hives. Sales go to support our organic philosophy on the farm.


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8 ounce lavender body lotion made with organice lavender essential oils from our farm

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The resort grounds and lavender fields are open to the public on certain days. The grounds are closed when there are special events or children's camps taking place. Please call prior to your visit to ensure we are open.

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