123 FARM

Sourdough Bread Festival

February 18-March 19, 2023
Saturdays & Sundays

*Free admission with paid general parking is $10 per vehicle.

Festival Highlights

Learn about the health benefits of consuming naturally-fermented sourdough made with ancient grains. Attend free lectures or take various fermented workshops.


Sign up for hands-on class on making fermented food and drinks and a beginner's class on sourdough bread making.

Free Lectures

Free lecture with special guests on topics ranging from sourdough bread and fermentation to gut health.


Food made in-house using sourdough, from pizza and soups to sourdough brownies and more!

Why Ancient Grains?

Come explore the world of ancient grains like emmer, kamut, einkorn and spelt. From when it's planted in the ground to the moment it becomes flour, see the entire process of ancient grains. Taste different varieties and learn about the health benefits!

Join us in person to experience the Sourdough Bread Festival. Buy parking below.


Free Lecture Schedule

Every Saturday and Sunday at 12:00pm
Randy Olsen of Zebra Organics
Learn how old-world methods of curing preserves food, its natural flavors, and its nutrients. Taste our organic, heirloom, Peruvian olives paired with a specially selected cheese. Experience the rich flavors in our fermented chocolate and rainforest honey. You’ll learn how raw honey is used in a variety of food and beverage fermentation processes and how fermenting organic cacao beans improves the nutrient value and flavor of chocolate. We’ll show you how to create unique pairings with these special artisans foods in your own kitchen at home.
Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures
Come and learn about modern-tested and safe raw milk and all of its health benefits. Learn about the direct relationship between the uncontested benefits of breastmilk and raw milk from other mammals. Join me as we discuss the newest science from milk genomics research centers from all over the world and how whole foods build and support your immune system.
Mark Gavigan of Bread and Flours
Join us to understand the basic history of sourdough bread and the importance of fermentation to your gastrointestinal tract and your microbiome. Discover the benefits of sourdough and whole grains, and learn the science behind why you should be consuming sourdough and whole grain regularly.
The Fermenter's Club
Learn what sourdough starter is and how to feed it properly, as well as tips and tricks to keep it healthy!

123 Farm Eatery

All foods are made by the culinary staff of 123 Farm. We incorporate ingredients from our organic farm when possible. Some items feature sourdough bread baked in-house.


Workshops will be updated in January 2023.
From how to make your own kombucha at home to wine tasting and cheese pairings, workshops on various fermentation-related topics run out the 800's hotel rooms. Many of the classes are pre-sold online.


Paid Workshops

Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm
Amy Deaver
Come learn all about artisan cheeses from around the world. Learn about cheeses and milk and the wonderful world of dairy and how milk is cultured for cheese. Participants will taste a variety of cheeses paired with items from 123 Farms and handmade jams from Wrightwood Cheese.
Limited to 24 participants
Cost $25
Chef Gregorio Calderin
Learn how to make this delicious fermented drink from pineapples. Full of probiotics, this beverage promotes gut health and is the perfect refresher to enjoy all year round.
Limited to 24 participants
Cost $25
Amy Deaver
Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that has been around for centuries but has only recently found its place on our grocery store shelves. This bubbly, tangy beverage has amazing benefits that help boost your health in so many ways. Learn how to make this amazing probiotic beverage from your very own kitchen and take home a SCOBY to begin brewing at home.
Limited to 24 participants
Cost $25

Festival Map

The Sourdough Festival takes place mostly in the main building as well as the surrounding cottage rooms and tent. Most spaces are indoors in case of inclement weather.

1. Parking Entrance

2. 123 Dough Sourdough Bread Marketplace
Purchase organic sourdough bread mad in-house using ancient grains. sample culinary items from 123 Farm, fermented food and drinks and more!

Information Desk
Come to the information desk to pick up your membership card, register for available workshops or to ask questions.

3. Sourdough Eatery and Dining Hall
From soups served with sourdough, tartines, and sandwiches, to sourdough pizza and sourdough desserts, the culinary team from our farm have prepared a variety of menu items that allow you to taste sourdough in different ways. food may be consumed indoors at the dining hall.

The Tipsy Sheep Tavern
Our bar has been decorated in preparation for our next festival (our annual sheep shearing held on Saturdays and Sundays from March 12 to April 3). Sip on fermented drinks as well as some sheep-inspired cocktails and our signature lavender drinks.

4. Workshops
Reserve your seat to participate in your choice of topics related to fermented foods and drinks hosted inside our former 800's hotel suites. classes can be booked online (please check late January 2023).

5. Free Lectures
Attend any of our free lecture on topics ranging from sourdough grains to raw milk. Lectures are held in a covered tent outdoors. In the case of rain, the lectures may be moved indoors to the dining hall (#3 on the map).

6. General Parking

7. Vendor Villag
vendors offering their selection of fermented foods including cheese and wine, and handmade goods.

8. Organic Galleries
A parade of eight shops, each themed around a product from our farm, and a cafe featuring desserts made with sourdough starter. Products can be purchased by bringing a completed order form to the fulfillment center.

9. Sheep Baa-zaar
Offering sheep-themed goods and other novelty gift items.

Sheep Shearing Festival

March 25 - April 2, 2023

Get a close-up view of how our sheep are shorn and how we process our wool. Guests can learn about natural dyes, how to wash wool, and visit our farm to feed our organic sheep.

Saturdays & Sundays only.

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Lavender Festival

May 5-July 30, 2023

Join us as we celebrate the blooming of our organic lavender. Stroll through 20 acres of lavender, taste lavender-infused food, drinks and desserts. Shop our lavender-themed marketplace and ride a wagon tour of the grounds.

Open select days.

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Lavender Nights

August 31-October 22, 2023

Join us outdoors with food from the grill, lavender cocktails, live music (on select days), marketplace shopping and a display of over half a million lights.

5-10 pm

Free admission

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The products at 123 Farm are made primarily using organic ingredients from our farm. We hand harvest and distill our own lavender essential oil in the summer, and press oil from our century-old olive groves in the fall. We practice bee guardianship and sustainably harvest honey and beeswax from our own hives. Our products are made in small batches.