About 123 Farm

123 Farm is nestled within the historic property now known as Highland Springs Ranch & Inn, which dates back to 1884 when it was established first as a stagecoach stop and later developed into a health resort in the late 1920s. As a health resort, the property became known for helping those who were sick heal through natural remedies, utilizing organic produce grown onsite. In an effort to continue with this philosophy, 123 Farm has been practicing regenerative farming, which incorporates permaculture and organic farming practices to build up biodiversity, cultivate farmlands and revitalize degraded soil. Through regenerative farming, we are able to produce high quality, nutrient-dense foods while simultaneously reversing economical pollution and climate change, helping us work through the ultimate goal of having a productive farm and contribute to a healthier community.

In addition to caring for the natural environment within 123 Farm, our efforts include preserving the natural habitat of surrounding areas. When you make a purchase at 123 Farm, you are not only purchasing a product made with care and quality but you are supporting the growth of a sustainable environment and a healthier community.

123 Farm Blog

Saffron, the Spice More Expensive than Gold.

The Crocus Sativus, most commonly known as the saffron crocus, is part of the Iris family. The flowers bloom once a year over a period of no more than three weeks in the fall. They open as the sun rises, each bearing just three crimson threads (stigmas), and these must be harvested quickly, before the flowers wilt in the midday sun. After that, the bulbs fall back and quietly lie dormant until the following year.


123 Farm’s Very Own Red Hot Chili Peppers

We’ve just come out of a mini storm of hail and rain here at 123 Farm but it  was only a couple of months ago that we were working under the heat of a blazing sun, picking as many red peppers as we could from our hundreds of pepper plants in our field. Thankfully, we completed our final harvest of peppers for the year before the unexpected late-fall storm in October...


Anyone for Compost Tea?

What is your favorite tea? Earl Grey? Green? Chai? If you were to pose that question to the farmers at 123 Farm, their answer would be unanimous: Compost Tea! Compost Tea is exactly what you might think. Made from just two ingredients—water and compost soil—compost tea is a powerful tool and one that we like to use on all the plants and trees growing on our land. It serves as a great alternative to chemical fertilizers...


The Gift That Took 1000 Years To Make

Oscar Wilde said it best: with age comes wisdom. Our old time resident of Highland Springs must be overflowing with wisdom. He stands still and tall along the outer eastern edge of our property, watching over the land, the sheep, the cow, the donkey and the llama.  Mostly silent, he sometimes hums a tune as a gust of wind passes through his leaves. He has many wildlife friends and often adapts to become what they need...


Introducing Maesil Syrup

123 Farm, like everyone else, has been hit by 2020 in ways that no one could ever have anticipated. We were particularly sorry to have to cancel our festivals, and other projects have also had to be put on hold. But even so, work on the land never ceases.Our lettuces grew very quickly this year and were almost too pretty to harvest; there were 3000 pepper plants that were eager to take up residence in our soil...


Essential Oils Distillation

May Gray has gone… June Gloom has passed… Hello July! Our Southern California temperature has been cruising past the 80’s and lounging in the 90’s. Although it makes our plants (and people) much warmer, we welcome the sun and summer with open arms. Why? Because it means that our fields will be painted a variety of shades of pretty purples. Because when the afternoon breeze rolls...


Everyday Tea Tree

As we approach the middle of summer, we have been hurriedly harvesting the last of our lavender as we come to the end of the lavender season on our farm, but that doesn’t mean we put our distiller to rest! As soon as we wrap up distilling our lavender, we’ll be moving on to Tea Tree!


Invasion of Desert Locusts

123 Farm has endured many challenges over the years. Whether it’s a ferocious fire or the infamous California drought, we are used to getting knocked down… and getting back up again. 2020 might be the year that defines the term: a perfect storm...